Who are we?
We offer interesting work in a team of professionals, opportunities for self-realization, professional development, and the use of knowledge and experience.

Working conditions:

Будем рады видеть вас в команде!
Schedule Standard schedule 5/2 (Monday-Friday, Saturday-Sunday-weekend)
The time is discussed individually
Registration If necessary, the internship is issued as an internship
Жұмыс практикадан сәтті өткеннен кейін штатқа қабылдануға болады

How to apply?

If you did not pass the correspondence stage of the selection the first time, you can always try next month. Applications submitted in the second half of the month are considered in the flow of the next month.

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All texts in one. doc file. Enter your last name in the title of the document. If the file is not attached, send it to the mail.