Bauyrzhan Amina

Bauyrzhan Amina

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Senior Analyst

BA in Economics


 • Macroeconomics
 • Econometrics
 • Economic and mathematical modeling and forecasting
 • Game theory

Amina is a graduate of Nazarbayev University with a degree in Economics, minoring in Mathematics.

She knows such programming languages as ​​R Studio, Stata, Python and DAX used to collect, process and perform economic analysis of data. In particular, she uses web-scrapping methods to collect large databases and is able to write macros to automate data processing in MS Excel. Amina can visualize analytics and prepare reports using Power BI technology.

Completed projects:

 • Study of the economic opportunities of rural women for inclusion in the economic agenda of the government as a separate category of socially vulnerable population
 • An empirical analysis of the labor market ( using Data Science tools
 • Analysis of short-term labor market demand ( using Data Science tools