Bekishev Rustam

Bekishev Rustam

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О работнике

Senior Analyst

MSc in Statistics and Data Analysis


 • Econometrics,
 • Statistics of extreme values,
 • Optimization theory,
 • Macroeconomics,
 • Cluster analysis

Rustam has research experience in the field of applied mathematics and statistics, and has travelled several times to scientific internships and conferences in countries such as Spain, Japan, Korea, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates. Author of publications in such international scientific journals as Springer and Intelligent Decision Technologies.

He is a graduate of KAUST University with a master's degree in statistics and data analysis. He worked with programming languages such as R Studio, Stata, Python, Matlab, and Wolfram Mathematica for mathematical and economic analysis of large databases.

Completed projects:

 • Application of D-basis theory in biomedical research
 • Analysis and application of hidden Markov models
 • Analysis of advanced logic models
 • Analysis and application of Extended Generalised Pareto distribution
 • Detecting value-added tax evasion by business entities of Kazakhstan
 • Optimal Design of Helical Springs of Power Law Materials