Serikzhan Bereshev

Serikzhan Bereshev

О работнике

  • Labor relations
  • Rationing of Labour
  • labor legislation
  • Minimum social standards
  • Personnel Management

Serikzhan Bereshev worked as an economist and as a junior researcher of the Kazakh branch of NIIPiN at Gosplan, senior researcher and head of the department of the Kazakh branch of the Research Institute of Labour Ministry of Labor of the USSR, head of department, deputy director and director of the Kazakh Research Institute of Labour and Employment issues MT RK.

Under the scientific supervision Serikzhan Bereshev 5 implemented projects of the Centre:  
  • The development of labor standards, norms of production costs and the cost of public service employees RSE "Center of service of the population"
  • Development of the number of employees on the standards of passenger service train cars
  • The development of the material system of motivation of employees of JSC "NC" KazAvtoZhol "
  • The development of the remuneration system of employees of JSC "International Airport Astana"
  • Carrying chronometry observations to determine the labor costs of working time experts in the provision of public services within the framework of the existing standards of Ministry of Health and Social Development of the RK


  • Almaty Institute of National Economy
  • 100 scientific publications